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Recipe from MADSENS the Scandinavian restaurant in the of London


Renovation Architecture

We had the opportunity to complete a home renovation design for a 1970’s lake cottage with the intent of using it as a primary residence.

Whole House Renovation
Old-style wood paneling was replaced with attractive wainscoting to lighten the space.  Carpeting was ripped up, and the existing wood floors were refinished, and windows and doors were replaced with energy efficient modern units.  Beams and T&G decking on the ceiling were kept exposed and refinished.  

The architects redesigned the small kitchen from a galley-style to U-shaped to create a spacious workspace and maximize the limited space.  A large island placed between the kitchen and the dining area provides working space to the kitchen while providing an informal seating area for breakfast or tea.

Side-by-side sliding doors were replaced with Eagle French doors, and glazing above the doors was changed to half rounds instead of triangular to create a modern look.

A custom wet bar by Vermont Custom Cabinetry is handy for entertaining and providing a nice transition between the dining and living rooms.

Just look at this amazing house

in Gotland, Sweden.  A perfect combination of rustic whites and greys....Photographed perfectly by the legendary Stellan Herner.

Wow I've had a busy day.  I'm tired and it's time for bed, so good night lovely people :)



Raft table and stool

by Norm Architects....with amazing styling and photography.  I love these images.

Raft Table and Stool, designed by Norm. Architects for &tradition
Does anyone know the photographer or stylist?



Giveaway reminder :)

Just a quick reminder of my giveaway this months.... A set of butterfly wall decorations from Icelandic company Bility.  Just go to the original giveaway post and leave a comment.

P.S. I had made a mistake as I said that I would be choosing a winner on 10 August - I meant 10 September!


This. house. is. perfect.

Two of my favourite materials; concrete floor and white painted brick...this is coming close to being my dream space.

This is the work of David Khon Architects
Images by: Ioana Marinescu


I love this work by Tom Channer




Take a look at some new-to-me products from Danish company Casalinga.

So cute...

.....Casilinga available at Nordic Elements soon...



The Fish House

Today I'm showing you some images of a special home in Denmark.  This old fishing cottage belongs to architect Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen - one half of the Norm Architects Copenhagen duo.

Photos by: Rishi Sæther, Via: Vart Nya Hem



Love the details.....

of this cosy family apartment in Marseilles.  I hope you do too :)

Images: Johanna Ekmark (the owner) via Mixr


Raindrops - Outdoor clothing from Scandinavia ♥

A very warm welcome to Raindrops! I am so happy to have them come on board with Lovenordic :) A babies and kids clothes store for the outdoors.....they stock high quality durable brands like Abeko, Nordictells, Lindberg, Ketch, Brands4Kids, Nowali and Ericson & Saether.....all perfect cosy-wear for the upcoming season....I just love that leather helmet! How cute.... 


Three Reasons to Use an Architect

Thinking of building or remodeling?  Consider using an architect.  Why?

Reason #1: Architects save money.
An architect's services are a wise investment because a well-conceived and designed project can be built more efficiently and economically.  As ideas evolve, changes can be made on a computer screen or paper much less expensively than when construction is under way.  Other ways architect-designed projects save money include:

Designs that take full advantage of solar heat and natural lighting to save on energy needs.
Flexible design solutions that accommodate future growth and usage needs.

Accurate construction costs based on detailed drawings and specifications that result in quality materials and workmanship at a fair market price.

Materials, finishes, and design solutions that reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Homes that sell faster and increase in value at resale. 

Reason #2: Architects solve problems.

The architect is the one professional who has the education, training, experience, and vision to guide the design and construction process.  This broad knowledge helps architects focus individual home owners' needs to maximize their investment in livable square footage on time and within budget. 
Architects stay abreast of advances in roofing, brickwork, floor tile, paint finishes, and other building materials to ensure a smooth and cost-effective building process.

Reason #3: Architects see the big picture.

Few people realize how complicated it is to build until they find themselves lost in a maze of design options, building codes, zoning laws, and contractors.  Architects don't just design four walls and a roof; they create total environments, interiors and exteriors that satisfy specific needs and functions.  If a project requires engineering or other construction services, an architect can coordinate the team of experts.

An architect sorts out complex building codes and zoning laws and can locate qualified contractors, visiting the construction site to ensure that the project is built according to plans and specifications.


Beautiful work from artist AnnCT Braunsteiner



Another beautiful portfolio....

Through the lens of photographer Alex Profit

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