....and the winner of my giveaway is.....

Em from Australia!

I have had such a fun evening

with my parents and my boyfriend

(and a few bottles of red wine!)

reading through your very lovely comments

So thank you all for entering and

enjoy the rest of your evening wherever

you may be :)



Edible Vistas and Wooly Sagas.....

I came across this amazing artist

over on sfgirlbybay

Eszter Burghardt is a Hungarian - Canadian artist

who has been taking part in an international

art residency in Iceland (where better for inspiration?)

This work is based on the isolation and geography

of Iceland.  She retraces her memories of the landscape

and photographs the mini-scenes that she

has created with Icelandic wool, poppy seeds,

cocoa powder, coffee, milk and chocolate cake crumbs!

Just pure genius...

Photography by: Eszter Burghardt, found via sfgirlbybay


L O V E N O R D I C 

Giveaway....last chance!

So tomorrow I will be picking

a winner to receive the

beautiful Krummi hanger

Today is your last chance to enter, so

just go to the giveaway post

and tell me why you would like Krummi

to fly and settle in your nest. Simple!


Krummi (Raven) by Ingibjörg Hanna 


Nursery Inspiration...

How are you all today?

I'm just off to watch friends compete in a horse

show in the pouring rain!

Hmmm better get my wellies out....

I had fun picking these inspirational shots this morning

I can't wait until I'm picking these things for myself :)

Well have a happy Tuesday lovely people ♡


A sneak peak from Livet Hemma

I was very happy to receive these

photos from Livet Hemma today

as they haven't been published on

Ikea's inspirational blog yet....

A selection of randomly

painted plates....

Livet Hemma editors were let loose in a workshop

with high ceilings and a lot of colour

....here you can see the result in a

nice mix of decorative items....how cute? ♡

Photography: Nina Broberg

Hi-Ho Rocking horse

I've seen this before

but was reminded over on

French by Design

of this very cute rocking horse

designed by Jarrod Lim

for Design Within Reach

love, love, love......♥

Image from DWR via French by Design

...L O V E N O R D I C 

Well it looks like I'm moving!

...and these beautiful words

made from steel wire

are on my wish list for

my new London home....


Remodeling Vs. Moving

Remodeling your current home may be a better option for you than finding a new home that fits your needs.  Yes, there are plenty of homes on the market, but consider these reasons why many are improving your existing home rather than thinking of packing up and relocating (according to the National Home Builders Association):

  • Remodeling allows you to customize your home to meet your needs and desires. The only similar, but much more costly alternative, is to design a new custom home and have it built to your specifications.
  • Remodeling means that you don't have to give up a familiar neighborhood and schools.
  • Remodeling is a more efficient use of your financial resources. According to the American Homeowner Foundation, selling your home and moving typically costs about 8-10% of the value of your current home. And much of this goes into moving expenses, closing costs, and broker commissions - items that have no direct impact on your home's quality.
  • Remodeling can be stressful, but few experiences are more stressful than moving.

While your home may have fit your living requirements over the years, remodeling it will make your home a more enjoyable place to live while adding resale value.  While remodeling may improve the resale value, though, remodeling projects vary greatly as far as investment vs. value.  According to the NAHB, “the general rule of thumb is that any remodeling project that brings your home up to the level of your neighbors' is a worthy investment. But it doesn't pay to be the most expensive house on the block - real estate experts recommend that a remodeling investment should not raise the value of your house to more than 10-15% above the median sales price in your neighborhood.”

Remodeling can all you to live comfortably for several more years in your home while you wait for the market to recover fully in your area.  Remember, though, that when you do sell, potential buyers will be comparing your home to newer homes.  The solution?  If possible, says the NAHB, you should look at the current design trends for new homes and incorporate popular features like “great rooms (open kitchen/family room arrangements), master bed and bath suites, and higher ceilings”.

Also, suggests the NAHB, read Remodeling magazine’s “Cost vs. Value” annual report, which assesses which projects give homeowners the greatest return on investment.  You can’t go wrong updating your kitchen and bathrooms, as these are the first things potential buyers consider in buying a new home.

Our tip?  Hire an architect for your home renovation project.  Read another blog on why it's beneficial at http://timberframeblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/home-renovations-hire-architect.html.

Beautiful stone house in Southern Italy...

I have a thing for stone houses

I love the romantic feeling

and soft, cool colours...

I came across this one in Skona Hem



Recipe of the month....

 Sorry this recipe is a little bit late,
 I just got back from skiing this morning.
This is a very yummy Gravlax recipe from Danish restaurant, Madsen 
Gravlax is one of my favourite foods on the planet
and so healthy....


Kitchen eye candy...

The kitchen is one of my favourite rooms

in the home

even though it's a cliché

it really is the ♥ of the home

here are some inspirational kitchen finds

for you today....

Please click on the image to get the source

l o v e n o r d i c 

Hmm I like the white....

Decisions, decisions

I love both

but I think I will go for the Black...

Mogens Lassen's Kubus Candleholder


Greenhouse in Belgium...

What a great amount of glass,

space and light this house has to offer

By Verdickt and Verdickt architects

I love the use of grey and raw wood...

a beautiful combination ♥

Images via: Remodelista


l o v e n o r d i c 

Beautiful installation...

I absolutely love this installation

by artist Norvald Hemre

He also created the

'Porcelain Balls' that I want very much...

Norvald Hemre, image found via Apenthus


DIY... from vase to lamp

My mother-in-law found this adorable vase at Anthropologie in the sale closet for just $15 and turned it into a lamp.  Didn't it turn out so cute!?

Today I'm loving...

Some nice cosy pictures
from very lovely Norwegian blog fjellby....

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