If yo are a senior driver, these tips can help you get the best deal on your next policy

Reaching the age of retirement means starting a whole new chapter of your life. Although you'll have a lot more free time on your hands without the daily grind, you may have to learn to adjust to life on a more fixed budget. Car insurance is one of those monthly bills that might be adjustable, just by knowing a few insider tricks to getting the best policy rates.

Focus on Safety

Avoiding tickets and accidents is a big help in keeping insurance rates low. One way to do this is by taking driving classes. While drivers' education classes might be thought of as something only new drivers take, a lot of cities offer senior driving classes. These safety courses help retirees adjust to new challenges, like changes in hearing and vision, or adjusting for slower reaction times compared to their younger days. Taking a senior defensive driving course can help teach you new habits that will not only keep you safer on the road, but also may lower your insurance rates. Your local senior center or DMV should have more information about registration.

Adjust the policy you own

One of the major changes retirement brings, at least as far as driving is concerned, is your missing commute. Check your auto insurance policy to make sure that the existing guidelines accurately reflect your new retirement lifestyle. Annual mileage is a big part of your insurance rates; if you're staying closer to home, you may find some significant savings. You can also save on mileage if you're doing more biking, walking or taking advantage of your local public transportation system.

You can also adjust your policy in different ways, such as raising your deductible to lower your monthly premiums. Additionally, maintaining a high-priced comprehensive policy may not be as important once your kids are out on their own and you're driving a lot less. Dropping your coverage down to just liability is not only the easiest way to get really cheap auto insurance, but also makes more sense with the low-key, low-mileage, lower-stress retirement lifestyle.

Get discounts

Seniors often have membership access to groups and organizations that offer generous savings on many things, including car insurance. One example is the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), which offers a percentage off everything from restaurant dinners to hotel rooms, including your car insurance. Other memberships, like AAA, can also mean a discount on insurance rates. Specific insurance companies may also offer rate breaks in other circumstances, like for former members of the armed forces. Check with your insurance company to be sure.

By taking advantage of the several opportunities out there available for seniors, finding cheap auto insurance is definitely possible. The main thing is to check into all the possibilities for discounts and find out which ones apply to your circumstances. There's just no reason your insurance rates shouldn't be lower as you head into your next phase of life.

Keep Auto Insurance Quotes Low with Car Theft Prevention Devices

One of the worst and most upsetting situations is having your car stolen. It is a violation of privacy and more so of your feeling of safety. This occurrence can leave you stranded without out transportation and it can strip you of the freedom of coming and going as you please. However, there are ways to prevent this occurrence from happening, and possibly out some money back in your pocket. Anti-theft devices are a huge market for car owners because they want to do everything to keep their car safe.

Low Jack

Lojack is a device that is used to track a vehicle in the event that it is stolen. Car can be sold with lojack installed or the device can be added to the car at a later time. When you have lojack installed you are set to communicate with an outside company that has the ability to turn on lojack and track the vehicles whereabouts. The device is compact and is usually fitted into an area of the car out of plain eyesight. This allows the device to be activated without the thief being the wiser. Although Lojack does not prevent your car from being stolen it can help recover it before major damage is done.

Steering wheel lock

The steering wheel lock, or commonly known for many years as "The Club" is a useful device that is attached right to the steering wheel of the car. The club expands to fit the inside of the steering column and locks into place making it impossible to turn the wheel. On the lower end of expense the Club and similar devices are usually bought for under $100. Not a fancy device by any means, but it gets the job done, and can help reduce auto insurance quotes.

Ignition Kill Switch

Higher up on the money pole is the ignition kill switch. This switch is installed directly onto the ignition of a car and activates if the car is accessed and turned on by a method different that the key. Recently these devices have been seen on TV. When the car is accessed and hotwired the thief thinks he is getting away, but a very short distance down the road the ignition dies and the car is rendered useless. In some cases the car doors are set to lock when the switch dies and locks the thief in the car.

Standard Alarm

Car alarms have been around for years, and although some think that people are more desensitized to the noise, they still are a valid deterrent to thieves. If the car is accessed by means other than key and lock a loud often times annoying sound will go off for a specific amount of time. This sound draws attention to the car which in turn sends the thief running.

If you are looking to reduce your auto insurance quotes be sure to contact your agent with any standard or new devices you are using to keep thieves away.

Finding senior drivers cheap car insurance

A lot of things change for people when they reach the age of 55 and above. Individuals start thinking about retirement, and with this though comes the idea of how to discount their expenses and save money on everyday items. One of these considerations is often the cost of car insurance, how much insurance they need or if they have the opportunity to change their policy to match their driving needs.

The deep discounts that their insurance plans can offer are something that typically people at this age are made aware of, although in order to understand the discounts that are available you may need to contact your insurance agency directly. There are a few good ways to guarantee that you will receive discounts on your insurance, thus reducing your rates significantly.

One of the things that may provide a discount on your auto insurance is the type and duration of the car that you drive. Cars that are older in years can be cheaper to insure, as well as vehicles that are paid in full. Typically vehicles that exceed 5-7 years in age may allow for senior citizens to reduce the type of insurance that they carry. There could be an opportunity to discount the amount of liability coverage on the car, resulting in even deeper discounts on the insurance. Your insurance agent may ask to assess the vehicle or request that a mileage report be done to verify the total miles on the car.

Discounts on insurance can also be gained by having low mileage on your vehicle. When a car's mileage or use decreases this may allow for your insurance company to offer you low mileage discounts. Lowering the amount of driving time can also help reduce the chance of accidents and other damage to vehicles while driving. While this type of discount is not always available, low mileage can help maintain the vehicle and reduce the amount of maintenance that the car may require.

Safety features can also be added to vehicles to help reduce safety risks, resulting in cheap car insurance for seniors. There are several different safety features that can be installed on a car nowadays. Camera in the front and back of the vehicle can assist when parking, driving in reverse and improving visibility. Anti-Theft devices can assist in keeping your vehicle safe and reduce the chances of your car being stolen, stripped or damaged as well as tracking devices that can help find your vehicle if it is stolen. Simple features such as airbags and antilock brakes, can improve savings as well as structural components such as steel side beams to protect from bodily harm in the event of an accident.

Before making a final decision on car insurance, know that taking the above measures can drastically reduce your fees and result in cheap car insurance. Full understanding of your policy, provides insight into where you can reduce costs, while keeping the most essential features for safety.

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