My New Love... Vintage Gym Baskets

Look at these vintage gym baskets from Shiner, Texas.  When my sister gave these to me, I had love at first sight.  These baskets aren't just from any gymnasium, these are from the Shiner, Texas High School, the same town that brews my favorite Shiner beer. Useful and beautifully aged from earlier, perhaps simpler days gone by.  What could I do with this fabulously Texas Chic home accessory?
All the designers are using these vintage baskets to separate design jobs.  Gina got me started on Max's office redesign.  How perfect for holding plans, fabrics, paint swatches and wood samples.
In the office to hold design magazines
Outside for Mike's chew toys
In the playroom for Alan's legos
In the dining room to display my cork collection
On the bar
By the bathtub
Or in the shower
Thank you, Gina, for this perfect birthday present.  I  L O V E my vintage gym baskets!

What I'm Loving right now... Burlap!

Everyone needs a little touch of burlap in their homes at the moment.  From gift wrap, drapery, furniture, children's room decor to accents in your wardrobe.  The love for this natural textile may come and go, but there's no denying the neutral texture and the low price point.  Some of my favorite burlap finds:
I cried because these burlap ribbons were so beautful.  A gift from my sister, I didn't realize how much I loved burlap until she thought to find these for me.
Aidan Gray's Burlap Dining Arm Chair
Aidan Gray's Bookcase with painted burlap interior
Pottery Barn wine gift bag
Restoration Hardware Chair
Burlap Bar stool from Layla Grace
Large Ballard Drum Shade
Aidan Gray Salon Chair

This burlap is for someone like my sister, who probably won't rush out today to buy a burlap home decor item, but she might be tempted to buy these burlap accented sandals from Anthropologie!
Aidan Gray's Burlap Cube Ottoman

Etsy shop butterfly on burlap print pillow

Pottery Barn Lamp Shade in unlined burlap. I have two of these in my home.  I love the warm glow of the filtered light.
Etsy Shop Coffee Sack Burlap Roll Pillow. I'm so tempted to order this!
This burlap string adds the perfect touch to presents, another birthday present from my sister.

RH Baby and Child Doggie Pillows.  How cute to toss on your child's bed!
I love burlap on the dining table.
Ballard's personalized tote bags.  Only $25.
Wisteria's wall art handprint kit.  Wouldn't this be so charming with your new puppy's paw print or tiny baby's footprint. 

Happy Weekend!

Image: House Beautiful
Designer Ty Larkins used Carmel armchairs by Restoration Hardware.

Some eye candy from Copenhagen...

I was thinking about the next place that I move to....It seems that in England it is just so important to aim for  a 'proper house' no matter how small or uncharacterful it long as it is a 'house'.  I do not fall into this category and to be honest, I think will probably move into a couple more apartments before I even contemplate a house - if ever!   I came across this very cute apartment this morning, its a really great mix of old and new.  Its was built in 1920 in Copenhagen by Jewish architects and is now home to a couple with their three children....


The Reinvented Restoration Hardware

The Restoration Hardware Fall 2010 line is out online. I browsed the website yesterday feeling uninspired by what saw. Today I visited the Arboretum and was surprised what I saw.  Long gone are the silver sage walls, thick, white moldings and the fun gifty gadgets that made me love RH to begin with.  Now the store is sexy dark.  While the merchandisers were in the midst of the install and corners and shelves were bare, here are a few things that caught my eye.

...Like this magnificently carved bookcase.  Notice the slate paint on the trim.

My friend, Nasrine, loved these candlesticks.  I thought this monster console was beautiful but I'm not sure about these burlap domed chairs. $1495.  Maybe they would look great in a hotel lobby...

The oversized bowling pins are a fun, masculine accessory. $45 each.

I really liked this desk trunk.  While it was in the catalog last year, this was the first time I saw it in person.  It would be fantastic in a large open loft space.  It offers tons of organization and closes shut when work is over.  $2995.

The hour glasses are neat. At $249 and $299, this is an accessory I'd pass on. Not a fan of the stainless trunk.  $1495. Too easy to ding!  Nasrine pointed out the antiqued pulley on the table. $149.

What do you think of this cute little leather chair?  This is an interesting accent at $695.

The postal desk might be useful in a child's study space. But at $2995, I might opt for something else.

I love these bookcases and little tables.  $3995 and $795, respectively.  RH is upping their price point with this new line.

Who knew they could make antlers an Objets D'Art!!!??

I do appreciate the ambient chandelier in this space.  $1995.

I LOVE this cabinet.  $4295.  It reminded me of something my sister Gina would like.

This image from the website shows the paint and rug display.

I look forward to going back to the shop when the reveal is complete like this store.

Do y'all  L O V E the Reinvented RH or leave it? 
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